Est. in 1986

Established in 1986

A seasoned team of experts
with decades of expertise in
the manufacturing and
developing of narrow fabrics.

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Industry Leader

Our goal is to be the most
diverse manufacturer of high
quality narrowfabrics in the
textile industry.

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Established in 1986, North East Knitting, Inc. is a team of experts with more than 30 years of expertise in manufacturing and developing knitted, woven, elastic and rigid narrow fabrics for apparel, automotive, bedding, fall protection, first responders, industrial, commercial, medical, military and recreational industries. We provide products for the apparel market, elastic waistbands, shapewear elastics for women's intimates, athletic apparel, buttonhole elastics, elastic with draw cords for athletic wear and sleepwear, suspender elastics, toddler and children products, and silicone treated products, as well as elastics for uniforms, imagewear, sleepwear and military use, and products for the bedding market.

High Quality Elastics & Webbing, Made In The USA!
North East Knitting, Inc of Pawtucket, RI.