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Medical Elastics

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Orthopedic Elastic

For over 15 years, North East Knitting, Inc. has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of high quality elastic in the Orthopedic and Ergonomic markets.

Our products consist of the highest quality in knitted, woven elastics, and webbing used in products such as abdominal binders, back supports, knee braces, wrist supports, etc. We offer a wide arrange of stock items and also manufacture custom made products.

All our Orthopedic elastics are made latex-free.

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Orthopedic Elastic > Single-Panel Elastic

North East Knitting, Inc., continues to live up to its reputation of producing superb quality single panel elastic, designed for back and lumbar supports and rib belts.

We keep a large inventory of our single-panel elastic in our East Coast and West Coast warehouses, assuring fast deliveries. Sizes range from 1 ½” to 12”. Pre-cut packaging options, hook-engageable backs, are also some of the options we offer.

Orthopedic Elastic > Single-Panel – Plush Hook Engageable Elastic

Orthopedic Elastic > Multi-Panel Elastic

North East Knitting, Inc. specializes in multi-panel elastic designed for abdominal binders. We make and stock 6”, 9”, and 12” multi-panel knit and woven elastic. We offer, hook and non-hook-engageable, faggot stitch, or regular multi-panel made with Lycra, neoprene, or polyisoprene.

Orthopedic Elastic > Segmented Elastic

We offer monofilament-segmented elastic, which can be used for post surgery facial wraps, abdominal binders, and lumbo-sacral supports. Our segmented elastics are made with the finest stretch nylon, giving it a nice comfortable feel against the skin. Options include an anti-microbial finish.

Orthopedic Elastic > Buttonhole Elastic

We offer excellent quality buttonhole elastic in various widths. Our buttonhole elastic is offered with latex or latex free rubber. We also offer this item in various colors and in cut pieces.

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