Expanding the World of Elastic
Since 1986
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Industry Leader In Elastics & Webbing, Manufactured In The U.S.A.

For more than 30 years, our goal is to be the most diverse, manufacturer of high quality narrow fabrics in the textile industry, including knitted elastics, woven elastics, nylon webbing, and non-elastic tapes.

Through continuous improvements to achieve excellence in customer service, product quality, and research and development we are committed to our customers and to the consumers that use our products.

Industries Served
Manufacturing 8 different styles of draw-cord elastic.
A wide array of elastic and non-elastic webbings.
Highest quality in knitted, woven elastics, and webbings.
Specifically designed webbing and elastic according to mil-spec.
We manufacture reflective elastic and webbings for public works.
Sporting Goods
Durable elastic used in protective sportswear and uniforms.